It comes from within, from our surroundings, from friends, family, and strangers alike... 
It's in all of us and it comes from all of us. We are New Orleanians... and we inspire ourselves as well as  those around us. It's as local as the French Quarter, the Mighty Missisip, Da Parish, and Da Saints... Yes Indeed!  From Shreveport to Grand Isle, we just can't help ourselves...  We are fans of our surroundings like no other community in the world. We love our culture, our food, our heritage, and our teams.

In 2001 I came to the realization that a simple phrase sums all of this up... Yes Indeed!  For 12 years I have gathered inspiration and developed this collection to inspire those around me.  As further inspiration for you, most of this collection is made right here in New Orleans.

It is my intention to offer you the best quality product I can find. This collection is inspired by quality, comfort, and the can-do attitude that we all share.

I was born here, I grew up here, I have served here, and I am constantly inspired by the spirit and can-do enthusiasm of this community. I certainly hope you feel the same way.

Glen Boyd, Founder and Can-Do Enthusiast.